Transforming a 2D image into 3D

Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University has managed to teach a computer to recognize and transform 2D images into 3D. ...

Student Project looking at how new screen technology "E-Ink" could be used to transform the London Underground communications and environment. Winner of a D&AD Best New Blood award.

Tinker Hatfield Nike's Vice President of Innovation Design

When architects Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, and the firm Ove Arup created Centre Georges Pompidou in the Beaubourg region of Paris, the ultra modernistic building stirred up much controversies that lasted even till today, some 30 years after it opened. With all its inner workings (pipes, air ducts, wirings...) set on the exterior of the structure, Centre Georges Pompidou was an antithesis against the classical structures which surrounds it.

However, it was its unique design that inspired Tinker Hatfield, originally hired as in-house architect, now Nike's Vice President of Innovation Design, to create the very first Air Max. See how he tells the story in this 8-minute short film titled "Respect the Architects" by Thibaut de Longeville.

Ross Lovegrove on TEDTalks

Ross Lovegrove is an industrial designer, best known for his work on the Sony Walkman and Apple iMac. In this highly visual presentation, he presents his recent work -- from furniture to water bottles -- which is organic in form and inspired by nature. (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:14)

Music and the Mind

In this edition of "Grey Matters," Aniruddh Patel, of the Neurosciences Institute, discusses what music can teach us about the brain, and what brain science, in turn, can reveal about music. Series: "Grey Matters" [Science]

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